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Everything for your vehicle with the best professionals.

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Quick Auto Center USA Groveland, MA

Auto Repair

Whether your vehicle has been involved in an accident, has a minor scratch or needs service, we will ensure that your vehicle receives the best service and we operate with a guarantee.


Let us take care of the worries and stress of an accident! If you’ve been unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, whether it’s a private vehicle repair or an insurance claim, our team will take care of it for you!


We have the equipment and experience to provide efficient and cost-effective transportation of vehicles and equipment using flat bed trailers and auto transport trailers.

Massachusetts State Inspection

Before buying or selling a used car, you should receive a comprehensive inspection from an automotive mechanic to ensure there are no undiagnosed mechanical problems.

required to pass a state inspection.

1. LICENSE PLATES | Must be free of accessory brackets, must have both front and back plates and plates cannot be faded.
2. WINDSHIELD AND MIRRORS | All must be completely intact and cannot be broken.
3. LIGHTS AND LENSES | All lights and the housing lenses must be functioning properly, have no cracks, and have no moisture buildup within the lenses.
4. TIRES | Tread depth of the tires must be greater than 2/32 of an inch.
5. PARKING BRAKE | Parking brake must hold up to 1300 RPMs.
6. BIKE RACKS & TRAILER HITCHES | Cannot be protruding outside of vehicle or blocking license plate (it is best to remove these items before you go in for a state inspection).
7. BUMPERS | Cannot have any sharp edges that could cause danger to pedestrians or other motor vehicles.
8. BODY | Cannot have any rust holes and / or rotted or jagged edges.
9. WINDOW TINT | Must have a legal visibility of 35% or less.
10. SEAT BELT ACCESSIBILITY | All seat belts must be accessible and working properly.

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All the services for your car!

Bodyshop, painting, mechanics, towing and vehicle inspection of the state of Massachusetts.

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